Our cleaning complany offers office cleaning in Milan

Pulizie UfficiHere in Lombardo Società Cooperativa, we know well enough the needs of the Companies about Office cleaning. Every estimate is formulated, where possible, after an inspection and built on the needs of the single client.

Normally, we prefer to offer our cleaning services in the offices early in the morning before opening time or in the evening after the closing time. This is the optimal way to obtain the best results In questa maniera riusciamo ad ottenere i migliori risultati both in terms of cleaning that of satisfaction.

Services offered to Companies are a lot: from the first cleaning, which is performed before  the periodic cleanings, indicated in case of new settlement, renovations or movings and ehre the cleaning has been neglected for some time. Office cleaning maintenance with minimun frequency of 1 time per week, which is common in very small offices with a few employees, to 7/7 services per week, to keep the office clean throughout the year. Extraordinary office cleaning, are that type of “on-call” services which may be needed for a variety of reasons. A couple of example: cleanings for promotional events, awnings cleaning, after-flooding cleaning, carpet cleaning  etc.

By request we also provide the consumables for the toilet, installation of dispensers and we also got an handyman for small manteinance works, which is a very apprecieted service for our clients.

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Our Staff and cleaning daily service

The Office Cleaning Staff is all regularly employed, with a quiet temper, experts in their fields and with a good problem solving, is very easy to recognize them because everyone of them have an identification badge.dipendente lombardo

Below you can find a brief overview of daily services offered in the maintanance contract:

  • sweeping and washing floors
  • vacuuming the carpet
  • emptying of waste paper bins and bags suppllying
  • dusting of desks, phones ana videos
  • dusting of furniture (externa)
  • cleaning of fingerprints from doors and handles
  • cleaning of toilets, with disinfection of floors
  • Restroom cleaning, sinks, faucers and mirrors
  • Supply of bathroom consumables.

Integrate these with the monthly, quarterly and annual services.

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Our cleaning complany offers office cleanind in Milan

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