pulizie condominioCondominium Cleaning are very different from Office cleaning and Industrial cleaning and here, in Lombardo, we know it very well.

Inside the Condo, in fact, the staff work in contact with people who live there, so good character traits such courtesy and availability, are qualities that we seek in our operators by default.

Our staff – italian or not – is able to understand the language properly and diligently performs all  assigned tasks.

From stairs washing, to rotation and exposure of rubbish bags, to mail receipt and sorting.

Working for different types of condos, from a stair of three levels, to SuperCondos of which Milan is rich, we have lerned that each has his own needs.

This is the reason why during the process of defining the estimate we prefer to speak with the manager or the admin of the Condo, in order to provide a contract close to the real needs. Where possible it’s preferable to manke an inspection, to see how it is organized and the common areas.

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Di seguito una breve panoramica dei servizi base del capitolato pulizie condomini:

  • Hall sweeping
  • Sweeping and washing of stairs and landings
  • Accurate Cleaning of lift interior
  • Cleaning of lift doorspulizie condomini scale
  • Cleaning of the entrance doormat
  • Mailboxes dusting
  • Door-entry keypads dusting
  • Accurate dusting of handrails of stairs and railings
  • Entrance door handles dusting
  • Rotation of gargabe bags and transport to the collect point (on designed days)
  • Washing and disinfection of garbage zone
  • Cleaning of windows and glass doors with normal equipment
  • Windowsills cleaning
  • Wineries common aeres Sweeping

We also provide several other recurring services, such Keepers replacement during their period of vacation or illness, snow shoveling in winter, removal of materials doposited in the common areas which can not be picked up by garbage collection, pest control and rat extermination, etc.

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