CHI SIAMO: Lombardo Società Cooperativa


Chi siamo: lombardo società cooperativa impresa di pulizie milano

logo coop2Very pleasure to meet you, dear client. We, team of Lombardo Società Cooperativa working on Milanese territory since 1990, are delighted to know tha you decided to know more about us siamo. Knowing with whom you are going to be in touch, for working with or just to know for the future, is an oculate and smart choice. Allow us to give you a brief lookout of the macrocategory that we care the most, from our start.

The Cleaning Sector, our “first Child” is even now our pride, thanks to the overyears experience, to the desire of always learning something new and to the reliable and available staff.

We believe in the contact with the client, we are not one of those Company which after the contract is signed forgot of the existance of the client himself. For this reason we are available since the first contact, by phone, by email, or by form, to set a meeting face to face.  During the contractual perios the manager goes to visit the sites every 30/40 days, to see how the service is going, value the quality of it and to interact with the clint for any additional request.

Also in the administrative department, for any need, our employed are available to del with all request about contract, billing, etc.

A piece at time, customer after customer, Lombardo has expanded in order to provide more and more services of various kinds.LOMBARDO SOCIETà COOPERATIVA

So, in addition to Office, showroom, condos, industrial and public cleaning, we started to take care of the private: apartment cleaning, porterage, evictions, whitening, minor maintenance, plumbing, renovations and each new request give us a way to improve ourself and get bigger.

Dear clients, we thank you for the attention dedicated to us, and we invite you to visit our other websites for further information:,,